About Spencer Ocarina

Spencer Register playing Ocarina in forest


Spencer Ocarina, LLC is artist-owned and operated by Spencer Register in Southeastern North Carolina, USA.

My journey as an ocarina maker began in late 2000 when I grew dissatisfied with the quality of an ocarina I had purchased from my local music shop the year prior. Inspired by performances of serious ocarina recording artists, I realized how expressive and nuanced well-made ocarinas could sound. Professional quality ocarinas were typically foreign-made and not easily accessible online at the time, and they were even harder to find outside of the web. As I studied the fascinating history of the ocarina, I was intrigued to learn that the instrument was traditionally made from terra cotta clay and fired in a kiln. Being artistically inclined and having made various clay sculptures in my youth, this discovery naturally led to the conclusion that I should try making my own ocarinas.

Equipped with a growing knowledge of music through piano and trumpet instruction, as well as the support and encouragement of family and friends, I embarked on a grand creative adventure that has brought the pure and enchanting sound of the ocarina to countless souls around the world. Along the way, I have given many public performances and demonstrations, produced various music recordings, and performed live on national television. In 2009, I was granted a US Patent on the internal design of my ocarinas (Patent No. 7799980). Today, I continue to passionately hone my craft in pursuit of a more perfect ocarina.

It is my pleasure to continue to share my instruments with the ever-growing community of ocarina players and enthusiasts worldwide.